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  • José H. Leal

The Rough Scallop

Despite the strong attraction Lions Paws exert on local shellers, my favorite local Pectinidae is the Rough Scallop, Lindapecten muscosus (W. Wood, 1828). The Rough Scallop derives its common name from the sculpture of micro-scales that impart a coarse aspect to the shell surface. Rough Scallops can be found in many shades of oranges, yellows, and reds. In the season 2009–10, Rough Scallop shells washed ashore in large numbers, mostly in association with the Sea Sponge Myxilla incrustans (Esper, 1905). The association between the Rough Scallop and Sponge is mutually beneficial, as it affords protection to the Scallop and motility to the Sponge. The photos show a valve (right) and paired valves (bottom) found in 2010 in association with Sea Sponge, by Shell Museum collection volunteer Smoky Payson.

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