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Living Gallery of Aquariums

Flamingo Tongue Snail.JPG

The Living Gallery of Aquariums and Marine Life first opened in 2020, adding a diverse group of living mollusks and other marine animals to the experience of visiting the Museum.
The aquariums and two large interactive touch pools exhibit approximately 60 species including octopuses, cuttlefish, Giant Clams, Queen Conch, Flamingo Tongue, dozens of mollusks common to Southwest Florida, cold water species found in the Pacific Northwest, and corals and fish from around the world.
Supporting exhibits in the Living Gallery include videos, shell specimens, models, diagrams, photographs, and maps that explore molluscan biology, behavior, amazing stories of adaptation, and conservation challenges and successes for this group of animals with over 500 million years of history on Earth.
In 2022, the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum & Aquarium received accreditation by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

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