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Are you ready to go Beyond Shells?


The Living Gallery features nine aquariums and two large touch pools that display over 60 species of marine life. Amazing animals on view include the Giant Pacific Octopus (the largest species of octopus in the world), Two-Spot Octopus, Giant Clam, Cuttlefish, Junonia, Queen Conch, Lined Seahorse; and many more mollusks, fish, and corals.

Visitors to the Living Gallery enjoy daily Keeper Chats (at 11am and 2pm), holding mollusks and learning about them from educators at the Touch Pools, popping up through a viewing bubble in a red mangrove ecosystem, and much more.

The aquariums opened in 2020. Created by industry-leading aquarium designers Tenji, Inc., the Living Gallery is a singular boutique aquarium and experience of mollusks and related marine animals and ecosystems from Southwest Florida and around the globe.

Things to do with kids at the National Shell Museum
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