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Snail Search and Biodiversity Walks

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Marine mollusks and their shells are well known in Southwest Florida, but people often overlook terrestrial mollusks such as land and tree snails, and slugs. These amazing animals play important roles in the region’s ecosystem and food web, and have beautiful shells of their own! 

Join a Museum educator on a guided Snail Search and Biodiversity Walk to search for land snails, document your sightings for the benefit of science, and explore the flora and fauna of natural areas throughout Lee County. This community science program teaches the use of wildlife observation app iNaturalist and techniques for observing and recording nature, and sharing information that helps scientists around the world! 

Upcoming Dates and Locations
Please note: Walks are free (separate parking fees not included), but pre-registration is required. To register please email Jorden Falker at

December 20th: 2-3pm at Wild Turkey Strand Preserve; 11901 Rod and Gun Club Rd., Fort Myers (free parking)
January 19th: 3-4pm at Lakes Park; 7330 Gladiolus Drive, Fort Myers ($1 per vehicle parking fee)
February 19th: 10-11am at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral; 4215 SW 20th Pl, Cape Coral 33904 (free parking)
March 21st: 1-2pm at Pond Apple Park Trail; 1159 Causeway Blvd, Sanibel (free parking)
April 16th: 3-4pm at Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve East; 17100 McDowell Dr, North Fort Myers 33917 (free parking)

Snail Search of Lee County

On a Snail Search and Biodiversity Walk, the educator will take you and a small group out into the field in Lee County (various locations available) and walk you through the steps of creating a free iNaturalist account and how to use it. Then you will get the chance to contribute to a new citizen science project, Snail Search of Lee County. The purpose of Snail Search of Lee County is to help the museum learn more about the availability and location of native and invasive land and tree snails in the area. Research conducted on land and tree snails in this area is very limited, outdated, and most studies contain no photographs.  

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How to participate: 
1.    Download the iNaturalist app and create a free account
2.    Go out and find snails and slugs!
3.    Take clear photos of observations. Photos should be as close as possible and clearly focused.
4.    Upload to the iNaturalist app (the observation will automatically be added to the project page)
5.    OR send the photo in an email with location information and a date to Information (GPS coordinates or exact address, date, and time) are required for each photo sent via email.
6.    Join a Snail Search and Biodiversity Walk! More information on the walks can be found above.

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