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  • José H. Leal

The Atlantic Fat Tellin

The Atlantic Fat Tellin, Leporimetis intastriata (Say, 1827), belongs to the Tellinidae, a family of bivalves that includes many species worldwide, and with at least 15 species locally. Fat Tellins are relatively large, reaching about 3 inches in length. They share the “curved” profile characteristic of members of the family, with the left valve slightly concave and the right one convex (This is shown in the bottom image, where the left valve is below the right one). In addition, the right valve in Fat Tellins has a strong posterior ridge, which corresponds to a strong groove on the left one. The curved shells of Tellins reflect their mode of life: Tellins burrow in sand, laying flat, “parallel” to the sand surface, and the Atlantic Fat Tellin is most likely no exception.

The Atlantic Fat Tellin, Leporimetis intastriata, from Turner Beach, Captiva side of Blind Pass. Bottom images show valves in ventral view. Photos by José H. Leal.

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