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  • José H. Leal

The Beau's Vitrinella

Beau's Vitrinella, Cyclostremiscus beauii (P. Fisher, 1857), at about 12 mm in diameter (about 0.5 inch), is most likely the largest local member of the micro-gastropod family Tornidae, commonly known as Vitrinellas. Small sizes, sometimes never reaching beyond 1/8 inch, and strong similarity among species render Vitrinellas difficult to study, but the "larger" size, characteristically "keeled" shell outline, and typical spiral cords make Beau's Vitrinella relatively easy to identify. This species lives in deeper waters off Southwest Florida, but empty shells may be found along our local beaches.

Beau's Vitrinella, Cyclostremiscus beauii, in three views. Photos by José Leal.

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