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Southwest Florida Shells with Emphasis on Sanibel & Captiva

José H. Leal

Family Conidae


Conus spurius

Gmelin, 1791

Alphabet Cone

Shell size to 80 mm; shell heavy, conical. Spire concave and elevated only at center. Sides of body whorl smooth. Aperture narrow. Color cream to white with rows of irregular orange, light-, or dark-brown spots. This species has been subdivided into forms that most likely reflect local variations without taxonomic value. The egg capsules shown (from Sanibel) measure about 15 mm. Each capsule may contain anywhere between 15-57 embryos. Upon hatching, the veliconcha larvae (image on right) measure around 1.5 mm. [Data from Leal, J.H, A.J. Kohn, R.A. Mensch. 2017. A veliconcha unveiled: Observations on the larva and radula of Conus spurius, with implications for the origin of molluscivory in Conus. American Malacological Bulletin 35(2): 111-118.] The last supplementary image shows views of a veliconcha shell. Scale line = 1 mm.

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