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  • José H. Leal

Wentletrap Triumvirate

Like wentletraps? Here are from left: Angulate, Humphrey, and Tollin wentletraps (from left, Epitonium angulatum, E. humphreysii, and E. tollini), .three species living along the coast of Southwest Florida. Observe how the Humphrey Wentletrap has a much darker operculum (the “trapdoor”) when compared to the two other species! And Tollin Wentletrap is the smallest and daintiest among the three species, usually reaching only about 5 mm (or 0.2 inch; the photos are not to scale). On Sanibel Island, wentletraps shells are more commonly found on the eastern half of the island, in particular on the Sanibel Lighthouse area. Wentletraps are known to feed on colonial sea anemones or soft corals, and these are more prevalent on that part of the island.


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