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  • José H. Leal

Shell of the Week: The McGinty's Cone

Conasprella mcgintyi (Pilsbry, 1955) belongs to the so-called “mazei complex” of western Atlantic Conasprella, along with other species of cone snails displaying slender, elegant shells with relatively long spires. The species can be found off both sides of Florida and the Florida Keys. It differs from the more widespread Conasprella mazei by the more diffuse color pattern, among other features. The maximum reported size for the species is 52.2 mm (about 2 in). The shell illustrated was collected in August 1974 by Riley and Donna Black at around 220 m (about 722 ft) depth west of Tampa, Florida. Illustration by Patricia A. Starkey for the Museum’s Digital Imaging Project.

Conasprella mcgintyi, from off Tampa, Florida. By Patricia A. Starkey for the Museum's *Digital Imaging Project*


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