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  • José H. Leal

Shell of the Week: The Florida Moon Snail

Natica tedbayeri(Rehder, 1986) reaches about 34 mm (1.34 inch), and has a globose shell with thin walls, umbilicus and callus white, umbilicus deep, filled in part by the white, plug-like callus. Color similar to the Colorful Atlantic Natica, but differing by the “simpler” color pattern of wide tan bands on a white background. The bands are bordered by lines of interrupted dark-brown or orange segments. Shell sculpture lacking, except for faint growth lines.

The Florida Moon Snail, Natica tedbayeri, from off Cocoa Beach, Florida. Photos by Patricia A. Starkey.

#naticatedbayeri #floridamoonsnail #floridanatica #naticidae #cocoabeach

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