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  • José H. Leal

Shell of the Week: The Depressed Top Snail

Calliostoma yucatecanum is one of the many eye-catching species of Calliostoma top snails found in moderately deep water off the southeastern USA and the Gulf of Mexico. Reaching about 16 mm (about 0.62 inch), the shell in this species is covered with spiral cords crossed by very fine axial lines. The color is cream-yellow, with little orangish marks flecked on the spiral ribs. The shell in the images was dredged in 1989 off Panama City (Florida Panhandle) between 30-60 m depth. Illustration is by James F. Kelly for the National Shell Museum’s Digital Imaging Project.

Calliostoma yucatecanum, from off Panama City, Florida. Illustration by James F. Kelly.


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