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  • José H. Leal

Publicizing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections

This past weekend (April 20-21), Science Director and Curator Dr. José H. Leal attended the 2024 Northeast Natural History Conference in Albany, New York. José participated in a session titled “Frontiers in Marine Invertebrate Digitization”, organized by Drs. Liz Shea and Gary Rosenberg. The session was designed to promote the use of natural history collections by those working in environmental sciences, ecology, and biodiversity. The presenters are researchers involved in two National Science Foundation-funded, cooperative projects, “Mobilizing Millions of Mollusks of the Eastern Seaboard” and “Documenting Marine Biodiversity Through Digitization of Invertebrate Collections (DigIn).” José presented the talk “Frontiers in Imaging of Specimens in Mollusk Collections.”

The photo shows the eight session participants, from left to right, Tom French (MassWildlife), Nelson Rios (Peabody Museum, Yale University), Michelle Tang (Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University), Katie Pearson (Symbiota Support Hub/iDigBio), John D’Angelo (Field Museum of Natural History), Liz Shea (Delaware Museum of Nature and Science), José Leal (Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum and Aquarium), Gary Rosenberg (Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University). Photo by Marla Coppolino.


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