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  • José H. Leal

Great Talks at COA 2019

The 2019 COA Convention included great and diverse programs organized by Carole Marshall. One of them was “Black Water Mollusks,” by Linda Ianniello, who takes photos of pelagic (open-water) marine creatures while drift-diving at night in the Gulf Stream off South Florida and other world destinations. Among many stunning and informative images, she presented the photo on left of a veliger gastropod larva, photographed in the Philippines. The larva has a pair of bilobed vela, which helps with locomotion and feeding. The colorful dots are reflective, and their function is yet to be determined. The Museum’s pop-up store is now selling Linda’s book, “Black Creatures.” Visit Linda’s web site here, or call the Museum store at (239)437-1502 for more information.


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