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  • José H. Leal

A Beautiful Day at Lighthouse Beach!

I had a great early-morning beach walk on Valentine’s Day at Sanibel’s Lighthouse Beach with journalists Andrew West and Mark Bickel, working on a Fort Myers News-Press article about mollusks and shelling.

Lighthouse Beach at low tide, 2024-02-14. Photo: José H. Leal.

The clam shells in the photo above, mostly Disk Dosinias, Calico Scallops, and Giant Cockles were being moved by miniature waves, one by one, from the water to that wrack line! We could actually see (and discuss) the process of shells coming ashore just before our eyes! It was a beautiful day, sea life was thriving during the low tide walk, and let’s hope the upcoming water releases from Lake Okeechobee don’t interfere too much with the local marine environment and its intrinsic beauty. 

Andrew West, José H. Leal, Mark Bickel at Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel, 2024-02-14. Photo: Andrew West.


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