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  • José H. Leal

Shell of the Week: The Bales Vitrinella

Originally described from the east coast of Florida and Florida Keys, Pseudomalaxis balesi Pilsbry & McGinty, 1945 is another member of the microgastropod family Tornidae found along the coast of Southwest Florida. Larger shells of the species reach only 1.8 mm (about 0.06 inch). As with many vitrinellas, its shell is disk-shaped, compressed, but the whorl profile in this species is squarish (edges of shell are squarish in side view). The shell sculpture consists of fine spiral lines and strong, widely spaced radial ribs. The color is whitish or partially translucent. The shell illustrated was collected in 2002 by Lois Dunnam, on Sanibel Island.

The Bales Vitrinella, Pseudomalaxis balesi. Photos by James F. Kelly.

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