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2023 Sanibel Live Mollusk Count

Sunday, January 22, 2023
6:30am - 9am

Organized by the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum
and Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation 

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Sixty-one years ago Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club members participated in the first “Sanibel Shell Count”.


This year, the National Shell Museum and SCCF are holding the 2nd Annual Sanibel Live Mollusk Count. Participating volunteers walk a half- or one-mile segment of Sanibel’s beaches on the morning of January 22nd, the lowest tide of the year, to count the live mollusk species observed on beaches and in the shallow waters that can be seen from the water’s edge. The live mollusk count will provide important post-hurricane baseline data on the health of the mollusk population on Sanibel's shore.


Teams of two volunteers work together on each section of beach, with one maintaining a log sheet to document known species, and the other taking photos species they cannot identify. Specific directions will be given to each participant prior to the event once their section area has been confirmed.


Additionally, volunteers are requested to collect trash on the beaches. Bags and supplies will be provided.


SCCF will provide transportation to some of the sections due to the lack of beach parking at this time. There is limited East End parking available for Lighthouse and bay side East End sections. Please arrive to the Sea School if this is where you will be parking for your assignment to sign required waivers no later than 6:45am.


Please be aware of current hazards on the beach which include uneven terrain, storm debris, lack of facilities, etc. CLOSED TOE SHOES ARE REQUIRED. Due to parking difficulties, the only assignments that accommodate more than 2 persons are the East End assignments (families, etc). Be sure to schedule accordingly.


Participants can register here and choose their preferred section of beach to observe mollusks and clean.

Thank you!

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