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In the Wake of the Flood:

Community Photographs of Hurricane Ian and Its Aftermath

A Participatory, Evolving Exhibit organized by the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum

photo credit: Stephen Plein / New Wave Eco Charters

Hurricane Ian and its aftermath have been, and continue to be, uniquely powerful and life-changing experiences for millions of people, and perhaps especially so for those residents of hard-hit areas of Southwest Florida. Stories and images of the storm can be fierce, frightening, and sad. But courage, resilience, and hope are also hallmarks of the response to Hurricane Ian by so many communities. 

In the Wake of the Flood is an exhibition of photographs taken by people in hurricane-impacted areas including Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, and elsewhere. They reflect a wide range of personal perspectives and experiences, and a community’s collective view of this major event. Accompanying the images are statements by the photographers of why their image has meaning or significance to them. 

In the Wake of the Flood was open at the Museum February 1 – April 28, 2023, before repair and reconstruction work began in the building.  An online version is now available here. 

The Museum continues to invite submissions of photographs for this inclusive documentary project. Guidelines for submission are below. 

•    There is no “contest” for the selection of photographs. All are welcome and encouraged. 
•    Subjects of photographs can be anything that is meaningful or compelling about the storm to the photographer.  
•    Those submitting photographs are asked to provide a note of explanation with their image that identifies the subject and why it is meaningful or significant to them. 
•    Photographs and their statements should be e-mailed to
•    Please limit submissions to a maximum of three (3) photographs per person. 

Questions? Please e-mail

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