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Daily Gallery Experiences

Keeper Chats

The Museum's Aquarists have awesome facts and stories to share about the animals in their care! Join them for a special presentation in the Beyond Shells Living Gallery to learn more about your favorite mollusks.

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Giant Pacific Octopus 
12pm DAILY

The Giant Pacific Octopus is the largest species of octopus, and a beguiling, intelligent animal with nine brains and three hearts. Learn all about the Giant Pacific Octopus and other marine life in the aquariums. 

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Queen of the Sea 

Conchs are amazing animals with conservation histories both successful and complex. Aquarists explore and explain the Conch’s stories and the Museum’s exhibit of Queen and Milk Conchs, which also includes Seahorses.

Great Hall Spotlights

Join Museum educators daily for short tours of exhibits in the Great Hall of Shells

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Visit frequently to enjoy all three tours, which vary from day to day:
- Local Shells and Their Habitats
- Big and Small: World Record Shells and Micromollusks
- Shells of the World 


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