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At-Home Activities

During the pandemic, we're working to create some shell-related activities for you and your family to do at home! Follow our social media accounts for announcements about new at-home activities.

Whoo knew shells could fly?

Anyone with buckets of shells can turn beach treasures into feathered friends. (It’s really a hoot!) Follow along as our Educator, Gyasi Alexander, is talon all the details to create an owl, out of shells! Share your completed masterpieces with us by tagging @shellmuseum on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your creativity!

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Food Web Activity and Game

Learn about producers and consumers, food chains and food webs, and trophic levels by printing out your own cards and playing our take on the classic card game war. Download this PDF to get started!

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Make-a-Mollusk Activity

Learn about the different parts of a mollusk, then follow our flowchart to draw your own "new species." Name it, photograph it, then share it on social media, and we might repost it! Download this PDF to start creating.

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