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  • José H. Leal

Shell of the Week: The Scaly Scallop

Caribachlamys sentis (Reeve, 1853) is a shallow-water scallop (family Pectinidae) that may reach about 45 mm (about 1.8 inch). The shell is fan-shaped, with one auricle (the “little ear”) much larger than other, the left valve is reddish to brown, evenly colored, right valve of roughly the same color. The basic sculpture pattern includes about 18, regularly spaced, radial ribs. The species is present in South Florida, Florida Keys, Caribbean down to South America. (A large reproduction of this illustration is on display in the In Focus exhibition at the National Shell Museum.)

The Scaly Scallop, Caribachlamys sentis, from Abaco, Bahamas. Photos by James F. Kelly.


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