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  • José H. Leal

Collection Work, Full Tilt

Work continues at a steady pace in the collection area here at the National Shell Museum, while staff awaits for the restoration of some of the walls and ceiling in that part of the building. As renovation of the Living Gallery on the ground floor of the Museum advances, curation, cataloging, and deployment of collection specimens on the third floor proceeds at a remarkable rate, despite damage perpetrated by Hurricane Ian.

Volunteer Ann Moeder preparing Eastern Seaboard specimens for deployment in the collection cabinets.

The bulk of ongoing collection work focuses on the National Science Foundation-funded project “Mobilizing Millions of Mollusks of the Eastern Seaboard” developed in collaboration with 15 other sister institutions in the United States.

Marine Biologist Chris Whitt works for the Eastern Seaboard project, cataloging and georeferencing collection material.


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