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  • José H. Leal

The Rose Murex

The family Muricidae of marine snails include some locally well-known and iconic species such as the Lace Murex, Apple Murex, and Cabrit Murex. A relatively uncommon member of the family, the Rose Murex, Vokesimurex rubidus (F.C. Baker, 1897) can typically be separated from its closer relatives by its coloration of pink or dark-pink spiral bands. The species is somewhat similar to Cabrit Murex, having comparable rows of shell spines, but is smaller, reaching less than two inches, has a relatively longer spire, and, of course, its color. As it happens with Cabrit Murex shells, Rose Murex shells found on the beach or in shell piles after storms have worn spines, but those dredged or caught in shrimp nets show long, pointy spines.

The Rose Murex, Vokesimurex rubidus. Shell photos by José H. Leal, live snail photographed on driftwood by Amy Tripp, Kice Island.

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