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Welcome to OctoCam!

In early June, the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum’s Giant Pacific Octopus began the natural process of senescence, or end of life. He began refusing food and released spermatophores, a sign of a reproductive phase after which the animal declines over a period of weeks or even days, and their death is imminent.

While he was in the Museum’s care, the Giant Pacific Octopus inspired and educated over 100,000 visitors at the Museum and over 33,000 viewers online. The response from the Islands community and all who saw him in person, as well as the online community who viewed him on social media or here on OctoCam, has been overwhelmingly supportive. He was beloved and will be missed.

On June 29th, the Museum welcomed a new resident Giant Pacific Octopus who is adjusting very well to his new home!

  • LIVE

Our OctoCam livestream enables you to view him swimming, eating, and playing in his aquarium in real-time. The OctoCam is made possible by generous donations from our Presenting Sponsor, The Sanibel Captiva Trust Company.

Donations enable the Museum to provide exceptional nutrition, water quality, and veterinary care - all of which is critical to the overall health and welfare of the Giant Pacific Octopus.


Highlight Reels

Exploring the exhibit

Shedding suckers

Egg Hunt

Trying to open a jar

Playing with enrichment

Playing in the water stream

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