Educational Programs

Private School Field Trips

We provide your students with an extensive education on the world of mollusks! As they rotate through four stations, they'll learn about mollusk growth, habitats, reproduction, and feeding.

Time: Mon–Thu at 10:30am

Price: $8 per student

Capacity: 10–60 students

Sponsored Field Trips

Our amazing donors help us offer field trips to 4th grade classes at Title I schools in Lee County at no cost to the schools! Students will have a fun and educational experience exploring our Exhibit Hall, touching local mollusks in our touch pools, and making a piece of shell art to take home.

Mollusks on the Move

This interactive experience brings LIVE mollusks right to you! School presentations focus on mollusk feeding, reproduction, and conservation and the importance of observing the natural world. We also bring our live touch pools to garden clubs, festivals, and other special events.

School Kits


Supplement your science curriculum with a collection of educational resources focused on the world of mollusks.

Free Downloadable Resources for Teachers

Pre-Visit Science Information

Background information for preparing to visit the Museum

Gastropod Anatomy

An illustrated guide to the parts of a mollusk

Lightning Whelk Reproduction

Information about lightning whelks and their egg cases

Mollusks in Action Quiz

Test your students on their mollusk knowledge

Free At-home Activities


Shell-related activities you can do at home!

At-home activities.jpg