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Southwest Florida Shells with Emphasis on Sanibel & Captiva

By José H. Leal

Family Fissurellidae

Diodora meta

(Ihering, 1927)

Meta Keyhole Limpet

Shell size to 12 mm; shell small, oval in outline, orifice (“keyhole”) rounded-oval, situated anterior to shell center. Sculpture of 35-40 radial ribs, with a single thinner riblet present between each pair. Concentric threads on entire shell surface cross ribs giving beaded aspect to each intersection. Callus on internal surface of orifice of constant width. Shell whitish to light-cream colored. The illustrated shells are so far the only records of the species for Sanibel or Captiva islands. The shell in the main image was collected by Susan J. Hewitt at Blind Pass on Captiva, in December 2015. Ms. Hewitt also collected the one depicted in the supplementary photos at Blind Pass, but in December 2014.