Enter the Museum's Amateur Mollusk Photography Competition

Written by: Linda Christman
Publication Date: November 1, 2011

The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum is offering amateur shutterbugs a great opportunity to capture images of live mollusks in their natural habitats as part of the Museum’s 2nd Annual Live Mollusk Photography Competition.

Photos of live mollusks eating, moving, mating, etc., are eligible for the contest. Entries will be accepted at the Museum until November 1, 2011 (including electronically-submitted pictures). 

The winning submissions will be announced during the week of the Museum’s Anniversary, November 18-24. The top photos will be displayed on the Museum’s web site, Facebook page, and in the lobby.

A link to the contest rules, judging criteria, and the registration form to be completed and emailed with each entry, is provided below in Related Documents.

Please send all inquiries and entries to Diane Thomas (dothomas@shellmuseum.org), or contact the Museum at 239-395-2233.

(Photo is of last year’s runner-up entry submitted by Anne DuPont).

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